The Soul of America – Daisy Douglas Barr, 1920’s

I am clothed with wisdom’s mantle;
Age and experience are mine,
Yet I am still in the swaddling clothes
Of my existence.

I am strong beyond my years;
My hand typifies strength,
And although untrained in cunning,
Its movements mark the quaking

Of the enemies of my country.
My eye, though covered, is all seeing;
It penetrates the dark recesses of law violation,
Treason, political corruption and injustice,

Causing these cowardly culprits to bare their unholy faces
In the light of my all-seeing revelations.
My vision is so broad
That my daily meditations force upon me new problems,

New situations and new obligations.
My feet are swift to carry the strength of my hand
And the penetrations of my all-seeing eye.
My nature is serious, righteous and just,

And tempered with the love of Christ.
My purpose is noble, far-reaching and age-lasting.
My heart is heavy, but not relenting.
Sorrowful but not hopeless;
Pure but ever able to master the unclean;

Humble but not cowardly;
Strong but not arrogant;
Simple but not foolish;
Ready, without fear.

I am the spirit of Righteousness.
They call me the Ku Klux Klan.
I am more than the uncouth robe and hood
With which I am clothed.


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