The Fiery Cross – B.W.B., Klan Giant, San Diego, California

From out the dark a wraith,
Weird, looming ‘gainst the night!
Device of ancient faith,
A Cross! A flame! A light!

And lo, the pagan flame
Consumes the badge of trust,
Until gray ash doth claim
A Cross returned to dust!

Thus will this human cross,
The fire of spirit fled,
Return to earth its dross;
Gray ash, all cold and dead.

But as the flame doth burn
The oaken cross away;
So shall the spirit earn
Release from earthly clay.

A message unto man,
A precept now retold,
A call to man and Klan
Comes thus by symbol old;

To burn away the dross
Of self, that clogs the Soul;
For selfish gain is loss
In climbing toward the Goal.

For self ’tis shame to serve;
But honor high to give
Our best without reserve
That chivalry may live.

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