Pseudo Klan Origin Stories

Pseudo Klan Origin Stories

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Pseudo Klan Origin Stories

Hebrew Klan origin story
– Memphis Appeal, 1868

Gun cocking name origin story, originally from 1868 but this is summary is from 1891

A summary of different pseudo origin stories regarding the term “Ku Klux,” and a mention of the truthful origin,
which relates to it being a derivative of the Greek word “KuKlos,” aswell as a false claim that it was founded by
Humphrey Marshall at Brown’s Motel in Richmond, Virginia. Pseudo origin theories covered: The cocking of a
rifle, the clucking of a hen, drinking whiskey and gurgling, derived from the Knights of the Golden Circle, and the
term “Ku Klux,” aswell as the organization itself originating in China for the purpose of opium smuggling, 1868

A thorough explanation of the pseudo Klan origin story related to Chinese opium smuggling, 1868

A false story purporting that the name “Ku Klux Klan” was conceived for the marketing of a new drug, 1868

A false story stating the Klan originated in concept and in practice in New York, 1868

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