Prominent Endorsements of the Klan

Prominent Endorsements of the Klan

Quotes of prominent or famous people who have endorsed the Ku Klux Klan

“The Klan is the victim of a mass of lying propaganda, and is
therefore looked upon with disfavor in many quarters. But if
the truth were known about it, it would be looked up to as a
body of patriots concerned with nothing but the future of the
country in which it was born and the preservation of the
supremacy of the true American in his own land.”
– Inventor Henry Ford

“Adventurers swarmed out of the North, as much the enemies of one
race as of the other, to cozen, beguile and use the negroes. The white
men were aroused by a mere instinct of self-preservation until at last
there sprang into existence a great Ku Klux Klan, a veritable Empire
of the South, to protect the Southern Country.”
– President Woodrow Wilson

“The Ku Klux Klan was organized to protect the very life of the south
itself, the homes of our white civilization. Its methods were generally
peaceful and without undue destruction of life or property, and when
its objects had been accomplished, there was no persecution nor
pillaging, no hounding of any one. And when tranquility had been
restored to the land and its several communities thereof, the klan
disbanded. It was a creation born of necessitous times, of pure,
patriotic impulses, and to relieve a dire distress.”
– Mississippi Gov. James K. Vardaman

“It is a protective political military organization. I am willing to
show any man the constitution of the society. The members
are sworn to recognize the government of the United States.”
– Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest

“Some of us remember when the Ku Klux was our only protection, and it
raised a howl that was heard across the ocean, but it saved our wives and
our daughters when the world, the flesh and the devil were against us.”
– Writer Charles Henry Smith aka Bill Arp

“I would direct your thought to the men who saved our southern civilization
from the diabolism of the reconstruction era. It is my purpose to discuss the
invisible empire, and to direct your thought to the Ku Klux Klan, hoping that
I may be so fortunate as to make clear to you the valorous services rendered
to the south by this organization in the darkest hour of her history. When our
work of building monuments and of constructing battle abbeys, and of writing
real history has been completed, we can engage in no nobler service than to
vindicate the Invisible Empire, and to disclose to the world that the men who
organized, In grotesque and spectral garb, around the homes of the south,
were in every sense heroes.”
– Rev. William Thompson

“The Ku Klux accomplished much. From a political viewpoint it
secured home rule for several of the Southern States. It ended
the disgraceful rule of the carpetbaggers therein, and it helped
reestablish honest and efficient governmental institutions.
This example was an inspiration which after 1872 soon led
the men of the Southern State’s, still in radical control, to
the glorious victory in regaining seif-governmant.”
– Professor Walter Henry Cook

“The Ku Klux Klan was the most loyal, the most patriotic organization
that the world ever knew. Many People of the present day believe and
express their Ignorance of a great historical event, by saying the Ku Klux
Klan was composed of lawless characters In fact, they were composed
of the best blood of the southern states.”
– Rev. Lincoln McConnell

“The Klan is needed today as never before, and I am anxious to see
its rebirth here in West Virginia and in every state in the nation.”
– Sen. Robert Byrd

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