Our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – A Prominent Vermont Klansman, 1920’s

Yes, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
In Spirit still with abide,
As double man who look two ways,
And lives two lives mid scorn and praise!

He lives in me and lives in you
As Dr. bright [sic] and cheerful, true;
But when he shows his other side,
His other self in Mr. Hyde.

The Pharisee as moral man
Is surely built upon that plan;
We deem him good, but fail to see
His other side of low degree.

The politician with a smile
Is built that way, who for a while
So loyal seems; his other side
For selfish ends is Mr. Hyde.

The hypocrite whom we deride,
Do more or less in all abide;
The truth we do not always speak,
Because our moral sense is weak.

By Dr. Jekyll if we would
We all could be a brotherhood,
But other self-that’s Mr. Hyde
Too oft defeats the other side.

Then Dr. Jekyll is not free,
With Mr. Hyde in you and me,
Nor lesser grow; in all the race
Can clearly see his ugly face.

The answer is: it cannot be
Till Jekyll in us all is free
To hold his own with faith and might
Then live the good, enjoy the right.

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