Modern Pro-Klan Music

Modern Pro-Klan Music

Stand Up and be Counted – Johnny Rebel

Klan Song – Landser

Stand Up and Be Counted – Redneck 28

Stand Up and be Counted – Ian Stuart & The Klansmen

Klansman Song – Redneck 28

Kajun Ku Klux Klan – Big Reb

Kajun Ku Klux Klan – Johnny Rebel

Whatever Happened to That Dear Ol’ Klan of Mine? – Racist Redneck Rebels

Klan Song – Achtung Juden (Landser Cover)

For Right and Justice – Unknown

The Klan Will Rise Again – Hate Society

Johnny Joined the Klan – The Rebells

Join the Klan My Son – The Rebells

Stand Up and be Counted – Old Lu & Die Mississippi

Stand Up and be Counted – The Rebells

Unknown Pro Ku Klux Klan Song – Unknown

The Old Rugged Cross (Instrumental)

Klan Song – NSN (English Landser Cover, 2021)

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