Ku Klux Klan Symbolism

Symbolism utilized by the Klan

A number of first era Klan symbols are presented here.

The coffin was utilized to convey fear and a sense of impending mortality.

The skull and crossbones were used for similar effect.

The sword symbolizes the Klans’ willingness to utilize weaponry in defense of their homeland.

The owl on the tent and sword in the tent implies that the Klan strikes violently and under
the cover of darkness.

The moon, and or crescent, symbolizes the Klans’ mystery and mystic connotation.

I am unsure what the train stands for, perhaps it was often utilized for specific mobility and
travel by the Klan, the imagery could also imply that the enemies of the Klan will be forced
to leave on trains, generally to get to the North, as they were the fastest means of travel
at the time, this is solely speculation.

This is symbology utilized by the first era Klan, the bullseye over the firearms
implies that the Klan are proficient with firearms and will hit the target if need
be, which, presumably, would be the person viewing the symbology.

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