Ku Klux Klan Poems

Ku Klux Klan Poems

The Soul of America – Daisy Douglas Barr

The Fiery Cross – Reverent W. H. Stephens, 1920’s

Higher, ever higher, mounts the Fiery Cross;
Farther, ever farther, o’er the land it goes;
Spreading holy principles of righteousness and truth,
Liberty and justice, for aged and for youth

Deeper, ever deeper, in the hearts of men;
Firmer, ever firmer, its truths are sinking in;
Teaching them that Purity’s the only thing worthwhile-
That Equality, morality, must overcome what’s vile.

Sweeter, ever sweeter, is the story that it tells;
Greater, ever greater, the respect it compels;
For it overcomes corruption, and everything that is bad;
To the weak gives inspiration, cheers the lonely and the sad.

So higher, ever higher, may the Fiery Cross arise,
Till its scintillating glory fills the Nation’s longing eyes,
Heralding the victory that for us all awaits,
Through the ruling “by the people” of these great United States.

Untitled – Unknown Author, 1920’s

When the last great task is finished,
And the workers are silent and dead;
When the censure and reward of nations,
From the Ledgers of Heaven are read;

The Klansman will join that assembly,
And shout with the redeemed as they sing;
“All honor to Christ our Redeemer,
All praise to Christ our King.”

Untitled – Unknown Author, 1920’s

Then, what will you do with the Ku Klux Klan?
March to the front as a red-blooded man,
Or skulk in the rear as a craven untrue,
And sow tares in the wheat, as our enemies do?

You receive the blessings our Kraft came to bring,
You drink the pure water from the Empire’s spring,
From the Fiery Cross you receive the same light.
Did you join the Klan from unholy wishes?

And follow the Camp for the loaves and the fishes;
No! You are MEN, and you know you are,
You are going to follow the lead of the Star,
The bright star of Hope is the Ku Klux Klan,

And do, and dare, to the very last man
As our fathers did our Country to save,
And Keep it “The Land of the Free and
The Home of the Brave.”

Soul Winning – Kligrapp of Beaumont, 1920’s

Give me a passion the lost to win,
To save lost Souls from Hell and sin;
Let me, Oh Lord, as I pass this way,
A kind helpful word say each day.

Create in me a clean heart Oh God,
As the paths of life I trod;
Give me the tact that I might need,
Give me courage to sow thy seed.

Give me the message that I should bring,
As I tell of Christ my King;
Make me an Ambassador for the lost,
Winning their Souls what ere the cost.

Give Souls for my hire,
Of thy work I shall not tire;
Give me a passion the lost to win,
And thy praises I shall ever sing.

The Fiery Cross – B.W.B., Klan Giant, San Diego, California, 1920’s

Our Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – A Prominent Vermont Klansman, 1920’s

The Fiery Cross – E.C., 1920’s

It stands for the light that Jesus spread
In teaching and through sacrifice
That light which streams from overhead
Dispelling darkness, greed and vice

It stands for faith, which like a fire
Burns steady in the patriot soul
In time of crisis flaming higher
To light us toward the sacred goal.

It speaks its message from the hill
Though Midnight blackness wraps the earth
And proves that men are watchful still
O’er principles their sires gave birth.

Transformation – H.E.R., 1920’s

It has made him a Man * * * not a mere machine:
Flesh that responds, senses new and clean,
He has hated (how keenly!) and loved (how meanly!);
He has thought (how tamely!) and worked (how lamely);
He has called this worthless; he has thought that fine;
He has turned * * * vain pride! * * * Life’s water to wine.

But now he has learned the Creator’s Plan * * *
It has made him a Klansman! It has made him a Man!
It has taken him away from the years that hasted;
Washed him anew from these sins that wasted;
The joys swift speeding; the fashions receding;
Loving words unspoken; rash promises broken * * *

Away from the over-known, over-heard, over-seen * * *
Out of the rabble, the tumult, the spleen * * *
Through Time unrecked forever leading,
Onward and forward, the faster speeding,
Into the Free and the True * * * God’s Own Plan * * *
Having made him a Klansman * * * it made him a Man!

God in the Klan – A member of Kanyon Klan No. 9 Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1920’s

An age of sorrow and darkness,
The fall of ancient Rome.
A new world then discovered,
And many a happy home.

A struggle for independence,
And justice won the sod.
Some call in Evolution,
And others call it God.

A land of free religion,
Where each may have their belief.
The voice of all the people,
Elect their leader and chief.

A land of free education,
Without a tyrant’s rod,
Some people call it Freedom
And others call it God

And now a regular “Melting Pot,”
With foreigners galore;
Catholicism raging wild,
For power-ever more.

But then there came a Savior,
With face turned from the clod,
The noble Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,
Another form of God.

A Klansman’s Prayer – W. F. R., 1920’s

Death’s Brigade! – Unknown Author, 1868

The wolf is in the desert,
And the panther in the brake;
The fox is on his rambles,
And the owl is wide awake;
For now ’tis noon of darkness,
And the world is all asleep.
And some shall wake to glory,
And some shall wake to weep.

A river black is running
To a blacker sea afar;
And by its banks is waving
A flag without a star;
There move the ghostly columns
Of the swift Brigade of Death,
And every villian sleeping
Is gasping now for breath.

Thrice hath the lone owl hooted,
And thrice the panther cried,
And swifter through the darkness
The pale Brigade shall ride.
No trumpet sounds its coming,
And no drum-beat stirs the air,
But noiseless in their vengeance.
They wreak it everywhere.

Fly, fly! ye dastard bandits,
Who are bleeding all the land,
The Dread Brigade is marching
With viewless sword and brand;
Nor think that from its vengeance
You in deepest dens may hide,
For through the darkest caverns
The Dread Brigade will ride.

The misty gray is hanging
On the tresses of the East,
And morn shall tell the story
Of the revel and the feast.
The ghostly troop shall vanish
Like the light in constant cloud,
But where they rode shall gather
The coffin and the shroud.

Soul Winning – Kligrapp of Beaumont 7, Texas, 1920’s

Give me a passion the lost to win,
To save lost Souls from Hell and sin;
Let me, Oh Lord, as I pass this way,
A kind helpful word say each day.

Create in me a clean heart
Oh God, As the paths of life I trod;
Give me the tact that I might need,
Give me courage to sow thy seed.

Give me the message that I should bring,
As I tell of Christ my King;
Make me an Ambassador for the lost,
Winning their Souls what ere the cost.

Give Souls for my hire,
Of thy work I shall not tire;
Give me a passion the lost to win,
And thy praises I shall ever sing.

Awake! Awake! – The Grand Klokard of Kentucky, 1920’s

My country wanted a man one day
To speak a message of cheer
To hearts that were weary, tired, and sad,
And weighted with mighty fear.

She asked for yours, but it was busy quite,
With your own affairs from morn to night.
Your country wanted a hand one day
To do a loving deed;

She wanted two feet, on an errand for her
To run with mighty speed.
But you with pleasure were busy that day;
To her gentle call you answered “nay!”

And my dear country-was her work undone,
For lack of willing hearts?
Only through manly men does she speak to men
And then, through the Ku Klux Klan.

The Ku Klux Klan – Unknown, 1868

General order 9,999,9999

Let every Ku-Klux Klansman heed
The General Order of General Meade;
His Highness has received a fright,
And cannot sleep by day or night;
He sees in every Southern man
A member of the Ku-Klux Klan-
And every time the ram’s born toots,
The poor fellow trembles in his boots,
Oh, dear: how they do annoy him-
Hence his Order to destroy ’em
So let every Klansman heed
This General Order of Gen. Meade!
And all observe this general rule
Signed and sealed by Meade,

The Fiery Cross – The Klaliff of “Old Glory” Klan No. 385, PA., 1920’s

Upon a lofty hill side
A blazing cross of fire.
Sends forth its glorious radiance
While flaming ever higher.

It stands for pure devotion
For service for the right
For sacrifice and noble deeds
For truth and love and light.

And as we gaze with reverence,
Upon the Fiery Cross
May flames of love go through our hearts
And burn up all the dross.

May we be fired with love sublime
For our own country dear
And stand for all her principles
Without a doubt or fear.

And as the cross its radiance sheds
Upon the landscape wide
May every faithful Klansman’s heart
Be filled with solemn pride.

And as the sparks still upward fly
And vanish in the night
Breathe silently a prayer to God
Who leadeth us aright.

Awake! Klansmen – A Klansman of Uptown Klan No. 213, Realm of Illinois, 1920’s

Awake, you sleeping Klansmen!
Awake and hear your call,
For all the world is asking-
Will you rise, or will you fall?

Shall we sleep? Not forever.
We shall heed our fathers’ call,
With them, surrender never
Our Liberty, Freedom for all.

Go forth, I say, to battle
And fight with all your might
The Papal plot and curse
And spread the Gospel Light.

For Christ alone is our Savior;
He died to set us free.
He is our mediator
Twixt God and you and me.

No Title – J.N.M.,E.C., (Exalted Cyclops) Klan No. 76, Illinois, 1920’s

Who is on the Klan’s side
Always true?
There’s a right and wrong side
Where stand you?
Thousands on the wrong side
Choose to stand
Still ’tis not the strong side
True and grand.
Come and join the Klan’s side
Ask you why?
’Tis the only safe side My Man.

A Krusader Grand Chamberlain of the Realm of New York, 1920’s

I’ve heard of Krusaders in days long ago
Who traveled o’er land and o’er sea.
Their love for the Savior to eagerly show
And like them I now wish to be,

Their hopes and desires were in earnest accord
They searched for a Savior King’s grave,
And they traveled with hearts true and brave
as their way to save,

I’d be a Krusader for my country’s sake to protect
the great U.S. A. at its best,
Like the Krusaders of old, I have a duty to perform
to Keep all enemy’s from our shore,

For my Savior and my Home, and my country’s sake
I hereby pledge, never to forsake, my country and my Kamp,
As the Krusaders of old, I will not have to be told,
to keep Old Glory in its place,

Will you dear friend put your armor on,
as all Krusaders of old-fall in line with your armor on
-now. For God, Home and Country, I will always be true as Krusaders of old,
don’t have to be told, to be true.

Klan Haven – Night-Hawk–Roosevelt Klan No. 11, 1920’s

Tonight the latest song should be
Ku Klux Anniversary,
So I will sing if you’ll agree,
A verse, or two, or three;

The first that I will sing is this,
Lets do our little bit,
And go to Klaverns when they meet
And not stay at home and sit.

The next that we should recall
Is a scene we’d like to fix,
When first the Klan was organized
In Eighteen Sixty-Six:

A mountain top was their meeting place,
A hundred men pledged faithfully,
And now today we live to see
Their gift for “White Supremacy.”

The third verse, lets investigate,
Then I know you will agree,
You should protect your dearest ones
And so insure their liberty.

And now to end let’s not forget,
Tho o’er this World we roam;
We’ll never see a finer sight
Than our Klan Haven Home.

“Hearsay” – anonymous, 1920’s

Absolute knowledge I have none,
But my wife’s sister’s washerwoman’s sons
Heard a policeman on his beat
Say to a laborer on the street
That he had a letter just last week,
Written in the finest Greek,
From a Chinese coolie in Timbuktu,
Who said the negros in Cuba knew
Of a colored man in a Texas town;
Who got it straight from a circus clown,
That a gang of South American Jews,
Who knew of a swell society rake,
Whose mother-in-law would undertake,
To prove by her seventh husband’s sister’s man
That Governor Parker of Louisiana can’t handle
The Ku Klux Klan.

“The Goat” – Mrs. S.E. Bauchle, 1920’s

At last I’ve found
A reason for
The million things
That make one sore.
I never thought of it before,
Just blame it on the Klan.
Your furnace smokes,
Your tires are flat,
Your brakes won’t hold,
You’ve lost your hat,
Don’t rave and roar and kick the cat
Just blame it on the Klan.
“Fifty for speeding,”
Pretty steep,
Your rent past due,
You’d like to weep,
You see I.O.U’s in your sleep,
Just blame it on the Klan.
Are you to blame if you’re broke?
You are not,
You know why you lost the last jack-pot,
If heaven is too high,
And hell is too hot,
Just blame it on the Klan.

Priest or Kluxer? – Unknown Author, 1920’s

I’d rather be a Ku Klux in robes of snowy white
Than to be a Catholic priest in robes as black as night,
For a Ku Klux is an American,
And America is his home,
And the priest owes allegiance to the Pope of Rome,
And really hasn’t got the right,
To claim America as his home.

A Klansman – C.A.B., Chicago, ILL., Uptown No. 213, 1920’s

’Twas in a Klavern long ago
They initiated me.
There and then I took my oath
A Klansman I should be

Up and down my back there went
A wholesome honored thrill
For every little word I meant
With freedom of my will.

I did not say a single word
For fear or cause of hate
But truths that everyone has heard
In these United States.

I heard a whistle soft and low
The marching then did stop,
And in the Fiery Cross’s glow
Saw robes without a spot.

I knew right then as I looked on
These men were strong and bold
Then I with them did join in their song
God help, Our Oath, to hold.

Fear not to enter you who can,
You’ll find us strong and true.
Our name you know, The Ku Klux Klan.
Our Flag, Red, White and Blue.

Shall We Quit or Shall We Fight? – J.E.M., Great Kludd, Province No. 4, Realm of Ohio, 1920’s

I want to let go, but I won’t.
I’m sick, it’s true,
Worried and blue,
Worn through and through
-But I won’t let go.
I want to let go, but I won’t.
There are battles to fight
By day and by night,
For God, Home, and Right.
I’ll never let go.
I want to let go, but I won’t.
’Midst legions of wrong
Let this be my song:
“Oh God, Keep me strong
That I may never let go.”

Loyalty Prayer – Unknown Author, 1920’s

To Thee, oh, God I call to Thee
-True to my oath, oh, help me be
I’ve pledged my love, my blood, my all;
Oh, give me grace that I not fall.

The Klan Kreed – Unknown Author, 1920’s

I believe in God; Ineffable; Infinite; Eternal; Creator and Sole Ruler of
the universe; and in Jesus Christ His Son our Savior, who is the Divine
Word made manifest in flesh and demonstrated in life.

I believe that all men are free moral agents, each responsible for his
every act, free from subservience to potentate, prelate or
priest ; each entitled to direct communion with God and accountable
to Him.

I believe that God created races and nations, committing to each a
special destiny and service; that the United States through its White,
Protestant citizens holds a Divine commission for the furtherance of
free government, the maintenance of white supremacy and the
protection of religious freedom; that the Constitution and laws are
expressive of this Divine purpose.

I believe that it is the duty of men of kindred thought, in fulfillment of
these Divine purposes, to unite fraternally; that by so doing they
increase the fellowship of men and more effectively carry out the will of
God; that the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is an Order in all ways
conforming to these great principles.

God Give Us Men God give us men! The times like these demand
Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands.
Men who the lust of office does not kill;
Men whom the spoils of office cannot buy;

Men who possess opinions and a will;
Men who have HONOR; men who will not lie;
Men who can stand before a demagogue,
And damn his treacherous flatteries without winking!

Tall men, sun-crowned, who live above the fog
In public duty and private thinking;
For a while the rabble, with thumb-worn creeds,
Their LARGE professions and their LITTLE deeds,

Mingle in selfish strife, Lo! freedom weeps;
Wrong rules the land, and waiting justice sleeps.
God give us men!
Men who serve not for selfish booty.

But real men, courageous, who flinch not at duty;
Men of dependable character; men of sterling worth:
Then wrongs will be redressed, and right will rule the earth
God give us men!

A Klansman’s Prayer – W.R. Cameron, 1920’s

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