Klan Warnings & Notices

Klan Warnings & Notices

The original Klan often posted mysterious messages, sometimes utilizing cryptic
or threatening language to improve public awareness and ensure the protection
of their communities, this section is for those warnings and notices. Some known
forgeries and suspicious writings will be included, where they are known to be false
or suspected to be there will be a statement related to this.

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Klan Warnings & Notices

The first public notice of the Ku Klux Klan that I have found. This is from
the Pulaski citizen newspaper, which began an exchange with the editor.
I intend to feature this exchange in full on this page, 3/29/1867

Note: “G.T.” stands for Grand Turk, the Grand Turk was in charge
of informing Klansmen of meetings & public events

2nd from the Pulaski Citizen, 4/5/1867
A response to the editors initial comments regarding the first
announcement The G.S. stands for “Grand Scribe.”

3rd. from the Pulaski Citizen, 4/26/1867
The Klansman was on stilts and had a gold and red Klan banner
This order, sent by the Grand Scribe, contains meeting information and states
that the Klan is growing and has outgrown its’ previous place for official meetings.

4th from the Pulaski Citizen, 6/7/1867
An announcement of one of the Klans’ first public
marches, aswell as a brief description of events

5th from the Pulaski Citizen, 6/26/1868
An order of the Grand Giant announcing the dissolution
of the Klan due to criminality done the Klans’ name

Part 1.

Part 2.

6th from the Pulaski Citizen, 9/24/1868
A public statement relaying the purposes of the Klan, and stating, after militant Black
violence and threats of violence, they have no interest nor objective in interfering, disrupting,
or harming any law-abiding citizen who leaves them to their affairs of communal protection.

A notice warning imposter Klans to cease their activities, and informing
local Klansmen of a mission, from the Memphis division of the Klan,1868

The Nashville Klan issuing a warning against the
criminals and moral delinquents in the area, 1868

A reiteration of Klan principles, accompanying a warning to
those with power who wish to abuse those thereunder, 1868

A statement issued for the purposes of addressing the confusion, and slander
imposed upon the Klan by the sensationalists and opportunists, 1868

A warning and edict issued against imposter
Klans’ and malicious members, 1868

A call to a meeting with some cryptic statements related thereto, 1868

A celebration of the anniversary of the appointment of the “G.G.C.” which may be a reference to a greater
Grand Cyclops or Grand Wizard, which would have been Nathan Bedford Forrest but this is speculation, 1868

An order for Klan attendance at an upcoming meeting, 1868

Language threatening the corrupted and wrong doer
and instrucing Klansmen to be prepared for a task, 1868

A Klan warning to wrong doers utilizing language to
give the Klan a mystic supernatural connotation, 1868

An order by the Montgomery Klan announcing a meeting, 1868

A mysterious and cryptic message by the Klan, its’ intent is unknown, 1868

A notice to occupiers and licentious Negroes, 1868
Note: this is almost absolutely from an imposter Klan, given that the Klan
titles “The Grand White Death” and “The Rattling Skeleton” aren’t recorded
or recollected by any supporting sources as authentic Klan titles

An announcement regarding a public exposition on Klan affairs and purposes, 1868

An order to publish public statements by the Klan, 1868
Note: Possibly from an imposter Klan given the use of the Klan
title “The Mighty Chief Hobgoblin,” not in use elsewhere, aswell
as it being the order to publish the notices below. I’ll be marking the
letters affiliated with this one with numbers in order of appearance
to signify an affiliation with this letter, which ordered their publication

1st: A Klan order directing members to a meeting at “the den of snakes,” 1868
Possibly an imposter Klan due to the use of titles that aren’t recorded elsewhere,
such as “The Grim Death,” “The Great High Priest Cyclops,” and “The Great White Death,”
aswell as it being one of the notices that was ordered to be published by the letter above

2nd: A Klan statement warning the wrong doers of all varieties, 1868
Suspicious due to its affiliation with the previous two suspicious letters,
aswell as the use of the unsupported Klan title “The Great Cyclops”

3rd: A Klan order utilizing cryptic language seemingly conveying a warning to leave
the Klan to their own affairs and make no effort to interfere with Klan affairs, 1868
Note: suspicious due to its’ affiliation with the other three

A Klan order directing Klansmen to assemble, 1868

An order to assembly and preparation for militant action, 1868

A Klan order to be ready for a mysterious mission, 1868

An order for Klan activity to cease to the imposter Klans, 1868

A cryptic notice with no clear message, 1868
Note: Suspicious given the signature is not a Klan title

An order to rally at the cave the night this was published, 1868

A pseudo notice included exclusively for the purpose of demonstrating the efforts made
by those anti-Klan advocates to slander the Klan. Murder, cannibalism, a-contextual gore,
and bloodshed are advocated. If you read any of the verifiable notices, read the retrospective
thoughts of 1st era Klansmen, and take note of the Klans’ documented activity in this time
it’s in stark and absolute contrast to the forgery that is this notice, 1868

A notice stating “It passes in the moon at par,” I am unaware as to the intent, 1868

A warning to murderers and those with ill intent, 1868

The intent of this seems to be a general pronouncement to Klansmen who would
have had a decent understanding of what these coded and cryptic terms meant, 1868
Note: This letter is suspicious given the use of an unknown Klan title: “The Grand Sachem”

A letter threatening Negro Thomas Downey, 1868
Note: This warning is absolutely fake as the Klan had no interest
in obstructive sensationalism which this would, and did, invite

A threat of hanging to Joseph A. Chaplin, 1868
Note: An obvious fake, given the use of two fake Klan titles and an overt threat
that would have been anticipated to attract unwanted publicity and scrutiny

A general warning, 1868
An obvious fake given the sensational nature of the writing, the
praise of Genghis Khan, and the use of an undocumented Klan title

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