Klan Parades & Marches 1910’s-1930’s

Klan Parades & Marches 1910’s-1930’s

Klan Parades & Marches 1910’s-1930’s

Washington D.C. Klan Parade, with Klansmen in a cross formation in the foreground, 1925

Klan march including horses and vehicles in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1925

A rooftop view of a large Klan march in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1925

Ku Klux Klan march with spectators nearby, 1923

A Michigan Klan parade featuring a float with one of the Klan slogans on front “Only Americans on Guard,” 1925

A Klan parade in front of vehicles and onlookers, 1920’s

Klansmen in 25,000 parade, Washington D.C., 1925

Klan march, with vehicles participating, in Oregon, 1920’s

St. Patrick’s Day Klan Parade, Birghamton, New York, 1920’s

Virginia Klan Parade near vehicles with onlookers, 1920’s

Washington D.C. Klan Parade featuring a large number of American flags, 1925

Rooftop view of a parade of Klansmen in formation, 1925

Close up of the 1925 Washington D.C. Klan march, with a woman holding an American flag in front, 1925

Milo, Maine Klan parade near local homes and businesses, 1923

Washington D.C. Klan street Parade, 1925

Anderson, Indiana Klan Parade amongst observers, 1922

Jamaica Day Klan Parade Queensland, New York, 1920’s

Washington D.C. Klan Parade featuring 25,000 Klanspeople, 1925

Womens auxiliary New York parade with an American flag at the front, 1920’s

A close up of the Washington D.C. Klan march with an American flag up front, 1925

Bellingham, Washington Klan parade, 1924

Klan float from a parade, 1926

Klan march near a hotel and cafe, 1920’s

Klansmen behind a truck in a Klan parade holding a Klan flag and American flag, 1925

Klansmen on horseback in Dayton Days, Ohio parade with a Klan flag at the front, 1923

Washington D.C. march featuring 25,000 Klanspeople, 1925

Washington D.C. Ku Klux Klan march, 1925

Klansmen in New Jersey holding an American flag with a Klan flag at the forefront, 1924

Klansmen parading near housing with American flags, 1920’s

Klansmen with an American flag at the forefront of a segment of the 25,000 Klansperson Washington, D.C. march, 1920’s

Side view of Klansmen marching in a parade Milo, Maine, 1923

Aerial view of Klansmen marching, 1925

Klansmen marching with a number of American flags, Washington D.C., 1925

Side view with a crowd in the foreground and Klansmen marching, 1920’s

Klansmen with American flags in Washington D.C. parade, 1925

Klansmen parading in a city, 1922

Washington D.C. Klanspeople marching with a crowd onlooking, 1925

Klansmen marching amongst spectators, 1922

Klansmen marching in a parade with a light in the foreground, 1920’s

Klansmen marching in a parade in Springfield, Ohio, 1923

Klansmen marching with a “KIGY,” Klansman I Greet You, at the forefront, 1920’s

Aerial view of the Washington D.C. parade, with a K formation at the front, 1920’s

Klansmen marching in the 25,000 Klansperson Washington D.C. parade, 1920’s

Klanspeople marching in aprade with flag at the forefront, 1926

Womens auxiliary participating in a Klan parade with a float, 1923

Klansmen marching with onlookers on the side, 1926

Klansmen parading in Lakewood, New Jersey, 1924

Klansmen parading with a fiery cross in the background, 1924

Klan initiates below a fiery cross, 1924

Klan San Pedro, California march, 1924

New York Klorero Klan march, 1924

Klan Fourth of July parade in Long Branch, New Jersey, 1924

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