Interesting Klan Material

Interesting Klan Material

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Benito Mussolini on the Klan, 1924

A Ku Klux Klan themed soda fountain, 1868

A report of a female Klan that banned the
suggestive dance move the Grecian bend, 1868

A Ku Klux Klan themed baseball team, 1899

A woman with the surname “Klansman,” from 1899

Cleaners in Klan regalia clean old post office, 1906

An advertisement referring to the Klan as the “Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” from 1909
The 1st era Klan did not use this name, it was introduced upon the Klans’ rebirth in 1915

A statement of the Klan platform, it is unknown if this originated from Klan officials, or if it’s
a summary of generally known goals by the writer but regardless it’s quite informative, 1868

The first ever play produced about the Ku Klux Klan, 1868

A fake Klan constitution, aswell as a pseudo oath, that a youthful mischievous
base-ball club had written up as an accessory to their imitative antics, 1868

An explanation of events related to this base-ball club and their ungenuine constitution and oath, 1868

A proper refutation by members of the base-ball club that were alleged to be Klansmen, 1868

Some false titles and false claims of cannibalism by a sensationalist Southern newspaper
which intended to utilize the mystery and vaguery of the Klan for their own purposes,
this rhetoric was independent of any formal Klan affirmation or sanctioning, 1868
Note: False titles used: “Colonel Black Cat, Grand White Death, Giant,
Lieutenant Red Dagger, and The Great Grand Beef Master.”

An interesting document that, although is fake, does a good job at documenting the Klans’ purposes, 1868
Note: The man who sent this in stated the Klan was started within a few months of this articles sumission
, to the paper, this Is false as the Klan was started December 24th, 1865 and not in the latter 1860’s

A notice that a female Ku Klux Klan had been established in Georgia, 1868

A reference to a, to my knowledge, never completed town named “Klansville,”
presumably, intended to be near the aforementioned Marathon, Texas, 1897

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