A Klansman’s Prayer – W. F. R., 1920’s

Jesus, Son of the morning,
Another day begins,
Grant us fresh light and wisdom,
Release us from our sins;

Now, with thy wakening Klansmen
Facing the rising day,
Give us thy strength and blessing,
Ere we turn to our work away.

Jesus, Lord of the noon-tide,
The sun stands high in the sky,
Temper and guide thy Klansmen,
Faithful to do or die;

Teacher of Truth eternal
Our very souls arouse,
Here, ’midst the marts of Mammon,
Keep us true to our vows.

Jesus, Master at even,
Thy Fiery Cross doth call,
Give us to do our duty
Whatever my befall;

Now as our legions gather,
And the stars come above,
Light in each Klansman’s secret heart,
Thy fiery flame of Love.

Jesus, Shepherd at midnight,
Watch O’er Thy sleeping flock,
Protect ’gainst snares and dangers
The powers of evil concoct;

Criterion of Klannish manhood,
Exemplars pure and bright’
Keep us unsullied and steadfast,
Teach us to live aright.

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