1st Era Klan Photos & Depictions

1st Era Klan Photos & Depictions

Photos or Illustrations of the 1st era Ku Klux Klan

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1st Era Klan Photos & Depictions

Mounted Ku Klux
The Ku Klux Klan: or Invisible Empire – Lauren Martin Rose, 1914

Mississippi Ku Klux (In Full Uniform)
The Klansman on the right is Dr. Carroll Kendrick
The Ku Klux Klan: or Invisible Empire – Lauren Martin Rose, 1914

The Revival of the Ku Klux
– St. Louis Dispatch, 3/2/1906
Note: Although this mentions a Klan revival there was no such revival in this
period and the Klan imagery is referencing the regalia of the first era Klan

The reason why this is so oddly shaped is because this is from a newspaper
and was used to fit around the columns of the paper.

The Ku Klux Klan
– The Indianapolis Star, 1906

Midnight Walk of the Klan
– Chicago Tribune, 8/28/1892

Ku Klux Klan costumed in North Carolina
Klansmen surrounding John Campbell – 1871
Note: John Campbell was someone who was known to have slandered
the Klan, also given this is from 1871 this was a rogue imposter Klan

Same photo as above, 1871

The Masked Sentinel
A Klansman on a horse with a gun, unknown year

Unknown title
Three members of a 1st era imposter Klan, this is included as they are
good examples of the mixed regalia from the Klan in that era – 1871

Ku Klux Klan
A Klansman standing in full uniform, unknown year

A Klansman standing with firearms in front of a tree, unknown year

I’m unsure as to if this is a stage piece or a specific wardrobe for a photo-shoot
of some sort, regardless it depicts a Klansman holding a barbed bat, unknown year

The Ku Klux Klan, Tennessee
A Klansman holding a shotgun with a plaid covering for his horse, 1868

Officers in Klan uniform captured in Huntsville, Alabama
One of the more famous photos of the 1st era Klan, there are a few variations of this photo.
I’m unsure if this is due exclusively to lighting reducing detail between the photos, 1868

Different variation of the same photo above, 1868

The Ku Klux Klan in Campbell, North Carolina
Klansmen in the forest participating in a meeting, unknown year

R.J. Brunson, Pulaski Tennessee
This was taken in the early 20th century when the man in the photo was 82, unknown year

This is likely the same man in the same uniform as above, but I’m not
absolutely sure. This photo was taken near Pulaski, Tennessee, 1913

Unknown Title
A Klansman in uniform, unknown year

Klan Night Riders
From a postcard, year unknown

Grand Cyclops On Horse
A colorized photo of a man on a horse wearing Grand Cyclops regalia, 1903

A Uniformed Klansman from Marshall County, Tennessee
A Klansman in uniform standing in a forest, this is possibly
a member of an imposter Klan given the date, 1870

1st Era Klan
A first era Klansman standing in front of a fiery cross, unknown year
Note: The 1st era Klan did not utilize an illuminated cross

1st Era Klan Meeting
A 1st era Klansman standing with arms outstretched
and armed Klansmen onlooking, unknown year

1st Era into the 2nd Era
William Joseph Simmons in his Imperial Wizard regalia knighting
the old Klansmen into the new Ku Klux Klan, unknown year

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