1st Era Klan Activity

1st Era Klan Activity

Documentation of appearances and general activity by the 1st era Ku Klux Klan

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1st Era Klan Activity

A Klansman plays a common Klan trick on a Negro, initiating
a handshake using a detachable skeleton hand, 1868

A common Klan trick that often frightened the more superstitious Blacks, 1868

Documentation of a Klan parade, aswell as the Negroes reaction, 1868

Twenty Klansmen attended the funeral of John Bicknell who
was killed by someone with the surname “Walker,”, 1868

An account of a Klansman delivering a letter for publication, 1868

A Negro gets scared by a Klansman utilizing a common Klan trick, 1868

Very likely to be the same incident as above regarding the negro being
scared by the Klansman, but both provide interesting details, 1868

Documentation of a late night parade by Klansmen, presumably with some sensationalist
reporting or rogue elements therein, given the themes present within the parade, 1868

A Klan joke played on young woman which, unintentionally, caused her to faint, 1868

Documentation of a Klan parade, and alleged conversation therein, 1868

A description of a Klansman making a public appearance, 1868

A statement as to Klan inner-workings by John Campbell who purported to be a former member, 1868
Note: John Campbell lied about this organization and his involvement with it, as per the testimony of most
others who constituted it, this could not have been a branch of the Klan, as Klansmen had to be eighteen
or older and many members of this club were not, as was verified in media reports of the time, If we judge
this case based solely upon John Campbells’ description of events it is still apparent that this was not a
legitimate Klan, as he only had the word of this organization as to determining if it was a Klan or if it was
not, this, if his depiction was accurate, would have been an imposter Klan given that no legitimate Den
would recieve sanction to elect someone as President of that Den without him being tenured or well
respected, a new member neither possessed rank nor seniority. the statement by fellow members as
to what this organization was and what John Campbells’ involvement in it was can be found here:

An Explanation

A Klansman employing the use of a skull, 1868

This was presumably a Klan parade that shocked and frightened a few folks, 1868

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